16.08.202116:02 Analisis Forex & Kajian: Cryptocurrency market value again surpassed $2 trillion

Bitcoin continues to gain momentum, and this time it seems to be very serious. For the first time since May of this year, the total market value of cryptocurrencies has again surpassed $2 trillion. The rise in the value of bitcoin has triggered a rise in altcoins such as Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin, and Chainlink. According to CoinGecko, which tracks over 8,800 coins, the market value of cryptocurrencies has surged to $2.06 trillion. It is worth noting that the upward movement stalled last week, but then went up again even after the cryptocurrency industry failed to achieve a change in the tax reporting rules for cryptocurrency in the US infrastructure bill. And although agreements were reached in the Senate on making changes, it was not possible to have time to vote and get the approval of all senators on the proposed changes.

As a result, everything was postponed to September of this year, although there will not be much time to consider this proposal, since the Democrats are busy solving the issue of increasing the US national debt limit. But all this does not prevent bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from feeling quite active above the 200-day moving average. An important point will be the reverse test of this level, but we will talk about this a little later. Many experts assess the growth of bitcoin extremely optimistically since the recognition of the crypto industry by legislators was ultimately a grand event for the world of cryptocurrencies. The fact that the US Senate is already talking about this topic once again proves to investors the whole reality of the new industry, which not only exists, but is also actively developing.

According to the latest data from JPMorgan, foreign investors are again entering cryptocurrency. In a recent report, the financial giant noted clear evidence that demand for cryptocurrencies from institutional investors continues to grow exponentially. The number of contracts excluding price changes for Bitcoin and Ethereum futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange set new highs, which is direct evidence of the growth of interest. The bank's representatives highlighted the activity of consultants for trading in exchange commodities, which accelerated the growth of the crypto market to current levels.

Exchange Rates 16.08.2021 analysis

Another proof that the crypto industry is gaining popularity is the rise in the "fear and greed index", which reached 72 points. According to the latest data last weekend, after testing the bitcoin price of $48,000, the index reached 76 points, which is comparable to the indicators of April this year, when bitcoin was firmly moving towards its $60,000 mark.

As for the technical picture of bitcoin, buyers need to break above the resistance of $46,700 and consolidate there. Only this will allow us to get the upper hand over the 200-day moving average and continue the growth of bitcoin in the area of the highs of $52,000 and $58,000. A test of the 200-day moving average from top to bottom and its retention by buyers will also be a very powerful bullish signal, which will attract new institutional players to the market. If the bulls fail to take the above level, a second instant sale to the levels of $41,100, $36,700, and $33,300 is not excluded. But do not underestimate the cunning of the market. There were similar attempts to return the bull market in January-February 2018, after the largest sale of bitcoin, and all these "bull markets" were engaged only in delaying new "onlookers " who wanted to earn money quickly, after which the largest drains occurred. It is likely that history will also repeat itself this time since everything points to this.

Exchange Rates 16.08.2021 analysis

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