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How to receive the prize

1. The winner can receive the prize at the representative office in Kaliningrad or Moscow, Russia, as well as anywhere in the world on agreement.

2.The winner can receive the prize only after ID validity is checked and the Acceptance Certificate is signed. The Acceptance Certificate must contain the following details: full name, date of birth, ID data, and phone number with the code of a country and a city. In case the winner does not provide the required information, he/she will be automatically deprived of the right to obtain the prize.

3. In case the winner cannot receive the prize in person, the Acceptance Agreement may be signed with another person on the basis of a power of attorney granted by the winner.

4. After receiving the prize, the winner takes responsibility for paying taxes and other mandatory payments set by the government.

5. The winner can get a $300,000 account instead of the prize. This type of a trading account has some peculiarities.

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