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PAMM account

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account designed for trust management of investors' funds. The PAMM account enables beneficial cooperation between account managers and investors. With the PAMM system, profits and losses are proportionally distributed between its participants.

The PAMM account is an effective financial tool both for investors (reduces investment risks) and for managing traders (ensures effective trust management of trading accounts, regardless of their number).

Advantages of PAMM accounts for managing traders:

– a single trading account for an unlimited number of investors;

– traders can get profit either from their own investments or from investor funds;

– multi-currency investment portfolio (investors can have deposits in different currencies);

– traders can customize the settings of the PAMM account;

– an effective managing trader can attract an unlimited number of investors.

Advantages of PAMM accounts for investors:

– a deposit of 3,000 USD which belongs to the PAMM managing trader guarantees that the manager acts in the interest of investors;

– the security system allows managers to make transactions, but does not allow withdrawing funds from investors;

– investors can deposit and withdraw money out of the PAMM account at any time;

– it is possible to diversify investments by allocating them to PAMM accounts belonging to different managers;

– transparency of trading history and current activity in the PAMM account.

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