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InstaForex affiliate programs

InstaForex affiliate program is a riskless method of making a profit with InstaForex. Forex brokers earn on spreads their clients pay to open trades. You can earn the part of the broker's profit if you become an affiliate and start attracting new customers.

The idea of the affiliate program is that its participants tell other people about the company and try to attract them for further work. When your referrals open accounts with the company, you earn profit from each deal they open. There are two ways to attract new clients:

- using an affiliate link. Everyone who clicks it and opens a trading account with InstaForex becomes your referral.

- using a notification system. You just need to know the full name and the trading account number of the attracted client. In order to turn the attracted client into a referral, you should send an email to providing the necessary details and your affiliate account number. Then you will start receiving profit from the trades of your referrals as if they opened a trading account via your affiliate link.

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